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Elva 100 Front
Elva 100 Side
Elva 100 Rear

This pristine 1959 Elva 100 was originally 100/46/DKW with Mitter DKW engine no. 1960/15 and was sold to test pilot Desmond ‘Dizzy’ Addicott. Dizzy was a keen racing driver, and in the early 1960’s he raced this ‘Elva-DKW’.
In 1965 this car, pieces, still with chassis plate showing ‘100/46 and engine no 1960/15’ was in Headingley, Leeds, sold to George Duncan, who then ran Leedspeed.


George sold her to BFS Racing, which was Malcolm Brodie and Andy Fraser. In Calverley they sold to a John Dale of Pudsey, but despite much effort, John has never been tracked down. Around 10 years ago, Geoff Wragg (the then owner and multiple Elva owner) said that one of his Elva’s was found in a small local garage in Huddersfield which almost certainly ties in with the ‘missing’ chassis #46.

Not raced since an engine rebuild and a thorough check over for 2012. Seat belts in date for 2013. Ready to race after an extinguisher service.