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New Bristol 2.0 Litre Block and Cylinder Head

The 2 litre Bristol engine ceased production some fifty years ago. Whilst it continues to power many iconic British sports and sports racing cars of the 50’s and 60’s, the replacement of major engine components has, until now, not been possible.

INRacing, renowned the world over for our depth of knowledge and experience with Bristol engines, have recently commissioned the casting of brand new Bristol engine blocks. Cast by the UK’s foremost foundry, the blocks are fully machined by INRacing at our own facilities. This includes all the line boring operations and, prior to engine assembly, new studs, bearing caps and bronze bushings are supplied.

The new blocks are true to the original design, but modern materials and manufacturing techniques offer much improved strength and durability. Additionally, in conjunction with

Peter Jaye Engineering, we are supplying new cylinder heads to match with our new blocks.

Ian Nuthall of INRacing, commenting on this new venture, said: “We are very excited by this project. We have provided comprehensive support for many years to the owners of Bristol engine road cars, and this development will enable us to increase significantly that level of support in years ahead.”

The above picture shows our racing engine fitted with new head, new block, racing crankshaft, lightweight steel flywheel and Vernier camshaft pulley.

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