Historic racing & sports car specialists

INRacing was founded by Ian Nuthall who started his own garage business in 1976. Ian’s love of racing began on the rallying circuit; he then graduated to Formula 4 single seaters which quickly led on to Formula Ford 2000, Sports 2000, Thundersports and then to historics driving a Cooper Bristol.

For over two decades Ian has concentrated on racing with the HGPCAVSCC and Masters race series preparing historic cars from the 50′s and 60′s at his Nottingham based workshops. Jim Slaney, previous owner of The Teesdale Garage in Nottingham, who closed the family business in 2006 after 77 years, has joined INRacing in order to now provide a parts service for the owners of historic racing cars, Bristol engines and classic road cars. Bristol engine spares are available ex stock.
Teesdale Classic Car Parts Centre of Nottingham offer a comprehensive parts service for all makes of classic road cars manufactured between 1950 and 2005, specialising in British marques. We stock current and obsolete parts, by part number or description, for cars eminating from the British Leyland/BMC stable including MG Rover parts to 2005.

A bespoke parts manufacturing service is also available from the premises on Palm Street, New Basford, Nottingham. Specific parts can be supplied direct from this web site or click on Enquiries for other requirements.