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Frazer Nash Le-Mans Rep Front
Frazer Nash Le-Mans Rep Rear
Frazer Nash Le-Mans Rep Side

One of 6 known Frazer Nash Replicas built by Crosthwaite & Gardiner in the late ‘60’s and early 70’s. Having restored various original Frazer Nash Le-Mans Replicas, C & G produced a small batch of duplicate chassis finished with copies of the Le Mans Replica Mk.1 body made by Peels.

This is a fine Le Mans Rep ‘rep’ example, featuring period correct instruments, leather trim and lights. Power is provided by a Bristol 100 D2 engine built using Cosworth pistons, steel crank and forged rods. The Bristol close ratio gearbox with remote change and Laycock overdrive makes the car very useable and allows for motorway driving.

Owned by Hawaiian R. Yung, then partially restored in America in 1999, MNU 894 was brought back to the UK where it has recently undergone a complete chassis, body and mechanical rebuild at IN Racing.

Fully sorted, ready to be enjoyed on the road and at the track,